Simplyslayed is a person who embodies individuality through style and kills it every time. It is all about confidence and being comfortable in your own skin.

Kayleigh is a Columbus, Ohio native and the owner of Simplyslayed Hair LLC.  She has lived in Georgia now for three years. In high school Kayleigh attended a career center where she received her hair license early her senior year. Now with seven years of experience, Kayleigh spent her first four years attending Kent State University earning a B.A. in applied communication with a public relations concentration. Kayleigh’s passion for hair care carried her through college, and she has spent the last seven years expanding her gift focusing on healthy hair care for all hair types including men.

Simplyslayed is a blog focused on becoming a platform for industry professionals. It is the go to site for people wanting to learn more about healthy hair and skin care from industry professionals across the Atlanta metro area. On simplyslayed.com you can find how-to videos, diy’s, opinions and facts on hair and skin care.

Simplyslayed is the go to guide for your everyday it girl!

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